Quality issues are related less regularly with genuine imperfections or breakdowns and are all the more frequently identified with the capacity of the item to meet client desires. Auto Consulting USA enables clients in the car business to comprehend and effectively meet these desires.

The car counseling arrangements of Car Consulting USA enables clients to create upper hands by incorporating "The Voice of the Customer" into their key arranging, improvement, supply and dispatch or generation tasks.

Product development Focus on the vehicle

  • Uses essential product, customer or market information to establish an accurate and current understanding of requirements.
  • Verify that the concept of the vehicle adheres precisely to market or segment requirements.
  • Verify that the planning, execution or validation of the product adheres effectively to market or consumer requirements Focus on the process.

Refine the existing product development process (Product Development, PD) to ensure efficient data collection, analysis and use of market or consumer requirements at all key stages of development.

Setting goals related to customer or market requirements.

This activity offers an independent and advanced identification of the customer, market and segment requirements from the perspective of "The Voice of the Customer" (VoC) at an early stage of the strategy and development process. The priorities of the model, the execution preferences and the necessary levels of performance are assigned to the system of each vehicle so that they adhere precisely to the customer's requirements, preferences and content to obtain a competitive advantage in the market.

Evaluations of vehicles and systems

These evaluations offer an independent and advanced assessment (before and during the vehicle development period) of the preferences from the customers' perspective regarding the vehicle or system. This service increases the manufacturer's standard assessments, which often do not accurately identify the concerns of "The Voice of the Customer" before entering the market.


The team of experts in manufacturing quality of Car Consulting USA evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing quality operations (for manufacturers and suppliers). The data of "The Voice of the Client" and of the points of reference in the industry are used to develop improvement activities that are scaled to the conditions and the unique culture of the client

Information systems

This activity will implement a quality information system aligned with "The Voice of the Customer" across all markets and functions to help make a decision more accurate ( including decisions based on the advantages and disadvantages) throughout the life cycle of the product.

Car Consulting USA works for the automotive industry with a full range of products that address the entire automotive cycle , seeking to explore new technologies.