The mystery shopping program in the field is designed to measure the performance of dealership personnel against the ideal vehicle service process and best practices.

Car Consulting USA increases the effectiveness of the measurement using real service customers who will serve as "on-deck" buyers. This approach has different advantages than just Car Consulting USA can offer:

The recruitment letter of Car Consulting USA sends a message to customers that the dealership really cares about the quality of the service.

Employing real customers as buyers "on deck" in a real-world experience improves the quality of the workshop.
The overall program offers compelling, high-quality perspectives and recommendations that are delivered through a web-based reporting system. The implementation of mystery shopping in the service workshop includes:

Customers "on deck" in the new vehicle service department on the site
Measurement of compliance with the service process (instead of a subjective satisfaction rating)
Individual results per concessionaire that are compared with previously determined averages.

Candid portrait of a mechanic shaking hands with client